The secret to losing weight is not a magical diet or exhausting exercise!



Mark your goals 

The world is full of people who abandoned their goals and now spend their lives trying to convince others to abandon their own too.

 I assure you that as soon as you announce that you are going to start a new weight loss effort, several negatives will appear out of nowhere and will express opinions that no one asked of them, telling you how wrong and meaningless it is that you are doing.

Their doubt, fear and jealousy will appear from all directions.

First, you must make sure that you do not belong to the many negative and defeating people who abandon their goals. You must manage every doubt about yourself that exists within you, that exists within you!

The first negative person you have to deal with is you, yourself, you must understand that your thoughts do not represent you, they represent your evil habits. 

Get out of your mind. 

The voice inside your head comments speculates, judges, compares, complains, likes, dislikes and so on. Sometimes these thoughts are accompanied by visual images, in these cases, you often imagine that things will go wrong or that negative situations will come– once again you will not succeed and you will be disappointed.

That’s how you see and judge the present through the eyes of the past and take a completely distorted view of it. 

The good news is you can get out of this!

You might take the first step now, start listening to the voice in your head, try to discover the recurring patterns of thoughts, take a paper and a pen and write down those recurring thoughts, so you’ll learn to observe who’s thinking.

Someday you’ll catch yourself smiling with these repetitive thoughts that try to discourage you. When you learn to observe your thoughts, then they lose the power they exert on you and soon retreat.

Now that you’re ready to face your negative thoughts and everyone else’s, we move on to the next phase, which is to set our goals.

The society that mostly consists of negative and defeated people who have abandoned their goals and does not wish to see you achieve your own, will tell you to set small goals, easy goals, so as not to be disappointed.

Your goals must be huge and crazy, so even the most passionate find them excessive. In order not to fail and give up the efforts you have to set huge goals, so that you always work for your best, never re-stop.

Make a list of some of your craziest targets… 

Do you hear that voice in you saying ‘no way’?

This voice will start commenting on how unattainable and ridiculous your goals are.

This voice will tell you things like:

  • Why would you do that?

  • How are you going to get them? 

  • You don’t have the time.

  • Your metabolism is slow.

  • You don’t lose weight like the others. 

  • You’ve already made several, ineffective, efforts. 

You’re supposed to be on your side, you’re doing the opposite thing, you’re discouraging him.

What you can do, think about how many others have done it and how many times it has been done, focus on the thought that you can and will succeed.

 Negative thinking is thinking about something I don’t want to do.

Positive thinking is thinking about something I want to do.

Now that you have decided not to stand in your way, you must recognize and neutralize yet another source of doubt.

These are the negative people who love you and care about you, they may be some kind of parent, husband, brother, your best friend, your teacher, or even your child.

Some of his comments will be 

  • We love you the way you are.

  • Don’t rush it.

  • Be careful

  • Be patient

These people care about you, but they have no right to remove you from your goal.

They react automatically, people who love you tend to react in this way to your ideas because they are worried about you and their instincts tell them to protect you.

The best way to handle negative people is to constantly achieve your goals until they have no choice but to believe in you — Grant Cardone—

 All these negative and moderate people can’t stand to see you do something great, it’s a threat to them and it reminds them of the mediocrity with which they reconciled.

 All you have to do is neutralize all these doubts and stay on your way until you achieve your goal, no matter how unreal it may be. The only way to fail now is to give up trying, while you’re trying, you’ll still be one step closer to achieving your goals.

Exercise:  Mark your goals and place them in one place so you can see them every day.


Discipline, it’s impossible to master if you don’t have discipline.

The definition of discipline = obedience to certain principles, rules, laws or orders of a hierarchical superior.

I am the hierarchical superior who will set you the rules to discipline and achieve your goals.

Rule number one: 

 Today you begin a new life. Good habits are the key to any success.

To get good habits you need to get rid of old bad habits.

Write down your bad habits, the bad habit is the one that will get you out of your way, it is the one that will prevent you from achieving your goal.

Identify possible situations that can stand in your way.

Once you prepare the list of your bad habits I want next to every wicked habit to write a good one.

A good habit is something that will bring you closer to your goal 

For example, a bad habit is to drink alcohol, usually at night. Replace drinking with one glass of water or lemonade. 

Habit is behaviour that you repeat identically and consistently, not consciously.

I repeat, a wicked habit takes you away from your goal, while a good one brings you closer. 

It is very important to get rid of bad habits, it takes 21 days for a new habit to be created and 21 days for a bad habit to overcome.

At this point you have to understand that there is no going back, you need to get rid of these bad habits forever!

This should not frighten you, but be opposed to making you happy, every day that passes you are one step closer to your goal.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t drink or eat dessert again, just as long as it’s not a habit. 

After 21 days, you’ll be entitled to a treat, but not the way you used it before. The example you like to eat crisps at night when a movie is seen, you will NOT eat crisps again this way. 

That’s the second rule. Identify the places, people, or activities associated in your mind with these habits, and then change your behaviour toward them.

The third rule is that it must take7 days to enjoy your next

‘bad habit’

The only way to change things is for you to change!

We all have to suffer from one of the two pains. 

The pain of remorse or the pain of discipline 

The rule for The  correct use of time  :

Every day you have a lot of prospects, but only a better perspective. 

Write on glue on a perfect day, from the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed, every time you’ve written, it’ll be programmed to bring you closer to your goal. 

For example, 8:00   a.m. Before I go to work, I have to do that will bring me closer to my goal, how long it will take me, schedule everything. πρ

Rule five: In your day, you should have at least planned 3 things, 3 good habits that bring you closer to your goal.

Exercise: Mark your usual vices and exchange them for the corresponding good.

Schedule the perfect day, every day.


Absolute prosperity is the balance between the three dimensions of man’s life, body, soul and spirit.  

For there to be absolute health in our lives we must, physically, mentally and spiritually, feel healthy.

These three dimensions are connected, they are interdependent.

By mental health we mean our emotions, our emotional world can affect our physical health and can be affected by our mental health.

By mental health, we mean our thoughts, which may be affected by our feelings and may affect our physical health.

We see that one is influenced by them but only with a balanced coexistence can we have absolute prosperity in our lives.

 You must understand that the reason you are experiencing the problem with kilos is directly linked to the balance of three dimensions. 

We eat because we are happy, we eat because we are sad, we eat because we are tired, we eat out of usual, we eat because we just get bored. . .

We eat because we seek this balance, food offers us both physical and mental and spiritual enjoyment. The problem is that it does not last, so we fall into the trap of seeking this pleasure over and over again, always intending to achieve absolute prosperity, the balance of three dimensions. 

First, we have to achieve the balance of three dimensions and then we have to deal with what diet we will follow, which is the main reason that 99 out of 100 times we do not achieve our goal. You have to look at the root of the problem, you have to fight the cause and not the result.


The first thing we need to achieve is to control the thinking 

‘Not being able to stop thinking is a horrible torment, but we don’t realize it, because we all suffer from it and so we think it’s normal.’ 

-Eckhart Tole

This chapter is inspired by his book “The Power of Now” 

We also talked in the previous chapter about the importance of controlling thoughts when we scored our goals. 

The first way to achieve control of thought is with the power of now, that is to say, to be fully present with what you do. No matter how insignificant what you’re doing, give him all your attention. 

Our thoughts are divided into two categories, thoughts of the past, something that has happened and I continues to think about it, and thoughts of the future, something that will be done and we are trying to find out the result of it.

So the only way to achieve control is when we think about the now and nothing else, when we are committed to the now we emerge victorious from the torture of thoughts.

The second way is to be conscious of your thoughts. Acknowledge its existence, but without criticizing and commenting on it. Let your thoughts come and go.

Do a simple experiment, close your eyes, relax and try to understand what you’re thinking right now… most likely there is no thought in your mind, this is for the simple reason that you consciously turned your attention to it, if you continue for another few minutes, slowly, the first thoughts will appear, ‘something that happened in the past or something that, you imagine, will happen in the future, if you don’t judge or analyze them (but why did this happen, because I’m thinking about this now, I could do it, I’ll do it when that happens) will go away.


Our second goal is to achieve emotional peace, all of us crave it, but little is gained.

As mentioned above and before our mental health is affected by our mental health, emotions are affected by thoughts, so controlling our thinking is also the first step for our mental health.

The second step is breathing. Oxygen is vital for humans and the right way to breathe will bring beneficial effects to our lives. 

Observe your breaths when you’re happy and laughing 

  • Deep inhalations and short sharp exhalations –

The opposite happens when we’re sad and we’re crying.

  • Short sharp inhalations and deep exhalations – 

So we notice that our emotions are affected by the way we breathe, if we reverse that now, the way we breathe affects our emotions.

With a proper and conscious way of breathing,g we can achieve emotional peace.

Do this exercise to understand what proper breathing is like.

Proper breathing in 7 steps

I’m sure taking a deep breath is very important, but it’s just as important to exhale all the air.

Let’s look one by one at the steps of proper breathing:

1.Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly.

2.It’s hot, but keep some air in your lungs.

 3.Close your mouth and do not breathe for 3 seconds.

4.Keep your mouth shut and take an inhalation through the nose; your stomach should be dilated, while your chest should remain motionless.

Open your mouth and release your breath, while letting your stomach return to its proper position.

Pause briefly.(6)


This is the right way to use during your day.

Most people breathe in a stressful way, short breaths, the same way we breathe and when we are sad.

In this simple way we can defeat a bad feeling, the next time you are faced with a bad feeling, reverse your breaths, i.e. you start, deep inhalations and short sharp exhalations, as you breathe
when you are happy, in this way you will fool yourself and reverse the feeling.

With a conscious and correct way of breathing, we can achieve emotional peace.

Absolute prosperity is a principle that will help us change and move from who we are to who we want to be.

The authorities are the opposite of everyday mistakes, the authorities result in success, while mistakes fail. 

The secret is that the authorities affect each other, a small, insignificant principle has the power to influence all of our other principles and slowly our mistakes will be replaced by them. 

Today I will become the master of my emotions.

Because if my mood isn’t what it should be, the day will be a failure.

Weak is he who allows his thoughts to rule his actions.

Strong is the one who forces his actions to rule his thoughts 

Od Mandino

– If I feel melancholy, I’ll laugh.

– If I feel fear, I’ll move forward. 

– If I feel incompetent, I’ll remember my target.

Today I will become the master of my emotions.

I was born to succeed, not to fail.

I’ll never feel sorry for myself 

You must learn the power of purpose.

‘A person who has a purpose in life has somewhere to go, has some meaning. It must be something that affects you, something that pushes you towards the future.

There are many negative influences against you, there is the influence of the past, several people go step back, from the influence of the past.

Some people are seduced by distractions, in this day and age distractions are innumerable and we are bombarded from everywhere.

But our powerful weapon is the purpose, if you have a high purpose in your life, it draws you to the future and the more powerful your purpose is, the more powerful the power.

Another advantage of having a powerful purpose is that it helps you overcome challenges and all kinds of difficulties. If you don’t have these powerful purposes in your life, it’s easy to swallow you on a bad day, it’s easy to be wiped out by a poor month and it’s just as easy to wipe yourself out under the waves of a year that only takes you backwards.   

So if you want something to pull you through all kinds of difficulties and challenges, you have to have something out there that pushes you towards the future, the purpose affects your life, your spirit, it also creates imagination, it takes your mind a step further in how to achieve your goal and if the mind, heart and spirit are harmoniously functional there is nothing you can’t achieve.